"We have been having are sewer cleaned annually for many years, but I recently talked to friend of mine and he recommended Drain Doctor Plumbing he said they can do a digital camera inspection of your sewer. So I called and set an appointment with them. They arrived and inspected the sewer with there camera and found the the sewer was broken and soil was falling into the sewer. So I asked them if I'll need to dig up the yard and they said 'No, we can install what's called trenchless sewer replacement'. I had this installed and it saved me thousands of dollars, and my problem is resolved permanently."
-Jake S. North Branch, MN
"I decided to try to clean my plugged sewer by myself, needless to say that didn't work out very well, I got the snake stuck in the sewer, so I ended up calling Drain Doctor Plumbing, the technician arrived on time as promised and removed the stuck snake fast. Then he proceeded to clean the sewer with ease. How embarrassing for me. This company is great."
-Peter K. New Brighton, MN
"We had our sewer cleaned today, this never happened to us before. What a stinky mess. We called Drain Doctor. They were here on time and resolved the problem which was caused by tree roots growing into the sewer, the technician recommended trenchless sewer replacement to permanently resolve the problem. Awesome service, above and beyond."
-Vicki M Little Canada, MN
"Drain Doctor Plumbing installed a trenchless sewer liner with no excavation. It saved our landscape and driveway, and our sewer problem is permanently resolved."
-Joseph D. Roseville, MN

Trenchless Sewer


Here at Drain Doctor Plumbing we are utilizing Performanceliner® lateral lining system. This cutting edge Trenchless line replacement technology allows us to repair or replace faulty sewers or septic sewers with no excavations. The only true no dig trenchless sewer line repair solution. This system allows sewer line repairs to be completed through existing inside or outside 4" sewer cleanout or access point leaving landscaping, driveways, and side walks intact.

This new (no dig trenchless line technique) uses the existing sewer pipe as a host pipe. We then air invert a resin saturated liner into the faulty sewer pipe through an existing 4 access point creating a pipe within a pipe. Once the new sewer liner is cured it creates a joint less sewer line that is virtually impenetrable. In most cases our plumbers can complete the installation within 2-3 hours without an excavation or disruption.

Benefits of trenchless sewer replacement

  1. No (digging) excavation needed
  2. Cost less than excavation
  3. Stops root intrusion
  4. Stops water infiltration
  5. Stops sewage exfiltration
  6. Higher flow factor
  7. One seamless pipe
  8. Repairs collapsed or root damaged pipes
  9. Long service life
  10. Leak proof
  11. Saves landscape, driveways, and sidewalks

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