"Drain Doctor plumbing was on time as usual, this time I had a clogged toilet and drain doctor resolved the problem quickly. But they recommended a new toilet due to scale buildup in the toilet and the age also. So I gave the ok for the new toilet, within one hour the job was complete and looked great. Then I learned from the technician that the new toilet would save 3600 gallons of water per person annually. Awesome job once again."
-Sally J Chisago City, MN
"I use Drain Doctor Plumbing because they do a wide assortment of service. Plumbing, drain cleaning, water heaters and now they do trenchless sewer replacement, always great service."
-Melissa A, Fridley, MN
"Our water heater was 15 years old, and the tank decided to burst which flooded our basement, but thanks to drain doctor plumbing we had a new water heater installed within two hrs. amazing response."
-Billy K. Stacy, MN
"I called Drain Doctor Plumbing to replace the old faucets and toilet in my bathroom, the job got completed within 5 hours, wow very beautiful work. My bathroom looks new again. I was very impressed with there work."
-Gina W. Galcon Heights, MN
"Great company. I've had Drain Doctor Plumbing clean out my bathroom sink and floor drain in the basement. The price has always been competitive, the service was prompt, and the work was very high quality."
-Ben Z. Champlin, MN


sink Drain Doctor Plumbing provides the following quality plumbing services to the north, northeast and northwest metro communities. If you are not 100% satisfied with the services we provided we will redo the work again free of charge.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement
Here at Drain doctor plumbing we are utilizing performance liner lateral lining system, this cutting edge technology allows us to repair or replace faulty sewers with no excavation – the only true no dig sewer solution! This system allows installation to be completed through an inside or outside 4" sewer cleanout leaving landscaping, driveways and sidewalks intact.

Drain Doctor Plumbing is a full plumbing service contractor. We can handle all your plumbing needs.

Drain Cleaning
We use top grade drain cleaning machines to clear kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, bathtub drains, toilets, floor drains and main sewers from the home to the city sewer.

Drain Pipes
We service all drain pipes serving sinks, bathtubs, showers, laundry tubs, floor drains and sewers. Service or replacement is typically due to rusted or deteriorated piping which is normally caused from age and used of caustic chemicals.

Garbage Disposals
Garbage disposal are part of today's kitchen. We offer repair and replacement services on all brands such as Insinkearator, GE, Waste king, Kenmore and more.

Faucets are a plumbing fixture that provide running hot or cold water for use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities and outdoor use. We offer repair and replacement services for all types of faucets.

Water Filters
Does your water have a bad odor, bad taste, heavy minerals or other contaminants? Well we have a solution for you. We offer installation of all types of filters that will resolve your homes water problems.

Water Heaters
Drain Doctor Plumbing installs many types of water heaters – traditional electric water heater, traditional gas water heater, powervent water heater, tankless water heater and point of use water heaters. We also service and repair any make or model water heater.

Frozen Pipes
During the frigid winter months water pipes and drain pipes have a tendency to freeze due to a cold draft finding its way indoors. If your pipes should freeze this winter we do have a pipe thawing service available.

Gas Leaks
Did you know that excel and center point energy does not repair gas leaks within you home. If you suspect your home has a gas leak call your gas company to turn off the gas at the meter and call us for repairs immediately.

Water Pipe Leaks
Your home is full of water pipes that distribute water to all your plumbing fixtures. If you should find any leaks in those pipes contact Drain Doctor Plumbing we can repair of replace any leaky water pipes that are constructed of galvanized, copper or plastic material.

Water Softeners
Most of today’s homes utilize water softening systems to increase the quality of water in the home. We offer a water softener installation service, call today.

Sump Pumps
Drain doctor plumbing replaces sump pumps in your basement. Sump pumps are designed to remove groundwater or rain water from your basement sump and will prevent water damages from happening, it important to check your sump pump on a regular basis to ensure proper operation.

Sewage Ejector Pumps
Some homes require a sewage ejector pump. They pump the sewage from the lower level of the home up to the city sewer or septic sewer for proper disposal. Drain Doctor Plumbing offers installation and replacement services for all brands, makes and models of sewage ejector pumps.

We repair or replace all brands of sinks including any sink accessories such as drains and water lines.

A toilet is a plumbing fixture and a sanitary disposal system, we offer both repair and replacement services for any brand toilet. Replace that old toilet and save thousands of gallons of water per person annually.

Video Camera Inspections
We have the ability to inspect sewer drains from 3-6 inches in diameter and lengths up to 150' long. After the video inspection we have the ability to locate any problem areas that were identified.

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